Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with root canal treatments to treat teeth in which the infection has reached the nerf. This can happen in multiple ways and the possible symptoms are very diverse. The patient may have acute nocturnal pain, sharp pain, sensitivity to hot, cold or even to touch. A root canal treatment is indicated when the tooth’s pulp presents irreparable damage. It’s also possible for a tooth’s pulp to lose its vitality and not present any pain. In numerous cases, the patient may present no pain or discomfort. One way to diagnose an endodontic problem is by taking an X-ray. Just because a tooth doesn’t hurt does not mean it’s in perfect health. It is very important to diagnose infection that has reached the pulp in its initial stages in order to prevent the loss of said tooth.

Often, caries (decay) may reactivate and progress underneath an old filling. If this decay is considerably close to the nerve, the bacteria may spread to the pulp and infect it. Often, this happens without any pain. It is, however, a concealed infection.

For a long time, Dr Birca has been passionate about endodontics, along with orthodontics and periodontics (gum treatments). His team is well trained to perform these specific treatments.