Dental Clinic in Auteuil

Dental Clinic in Auteuil

If you live in Auteuil, one question you may ask yourself is where you can find a dentist in Auteuil to address all your dental needs. You have the chance to have our clinic located nearby. Not only do we offer regular services using the latest technologies, but we also offer you a wide range of dental services. With all these services under a single roof we are one of the most convenient dental clinics in Auteuil to serve you and your children.

Our Dental Clinic

Perfectly located in the heart of Laval near the intersection of highways 15 and 440, Centre dentaire Birca welcomes you with our safe and clean facilities, with free parking available for your convenience. Our friendly staff’s ultimate goal is to make your dental visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. As you can see from our numerous reviews on Google, people appreciate our patient-centered approach and excellent use of technology to treat all our patients.

The expertise of our many professionals allows us to address various dental issues. Of course, we do the routine check-ups and the regular clean-ups like any other dental office and we treat both adults and children, making us a family dental clinic. We are also an emergency dental clinic, providing assistance when you’re in pain or have experienced an accident.

In addition to these regular services, we offer a wide range of specialized services.

Our Specialized Services

Dental Clinic in Auteuil

Unlike your typical dental clinic in Auteuil, Centre dentaire Birca is also a specialized centre where we perform various dental interventions, including emergency procedures. In this article, we will explore two of them: periodontics and endodontics, to demystify these complex terms.

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the gums and the bone structure responsible for supporting the teeth, or anything “around” the teeth, as implied by the prefix “peri.” It can start with a relatively simple condition called gingivitis, where your gums become swollen due to an infection for various reasons. Depending on the cause and duration of the infection, this gingivitis may progress into something more serious, leading to gum recession and exposing the tooth’s base. This removes the natural protection of the tooth’s base (which is not covered by enamel) and increases the risk of cavities. This condition is called periodontitis or “inflammation around the teeth.” If left untreated, this loss of gum tissue can result in the loss of the underlying bone structure, causing the tooth to lose its anchor in the jaw.

Meanwhile, endodontics, or “inside the tooth,” focuses on what happens within the tooth. The most well-known endodontic treatment is the famous root canal procedure, where the dentist thoroughly cleans the tooth’s canals to remove all living tissue before sealing them to prevent any sensation of pain. This also protects the root of your tooth, which may still be healthy. The tooth is then covered with a crown to prevent any further damage. Most of us will undergo this treatment at some point in our lives, even with proper dental care.

In addition to these specialties, we offer other specialized services, including aesthetic dentistry. Aesthetic dentistry covers a wide range of needs, from teeth whitening to implants.

Finally, we have to mention our regular services in general, pediatric and emergency dentistry, which are always available for you.

Our Imaging Technologies

Dental Clinic in Auteuil

At Centre dentaire Birca, we use the latest technologies available to diagnose and treat any issue related to your oral health. This technology enables us to offer you fast and the best possible quality service. This is particularly crucial when you experience pain or face a complicated problem, as we can capture the right image on the first attempt.

The core of our imaging system is, of course, our digital X-rays. This technology allows us to have a better resolution than film, plus it allows us to quickly zoom in to look at some details closer, with no loss of quality. This also greatly facilitates the communication among dentists in our clinic who can see your X-rays on their computer at any time.

Another great imaging technology we use is an intra-mouth camera, which allows the dentist to take a very close look inside your mouth in real time. This way, he can look at perspectives that cannot be seen from your mouth entrance, and determine the best treatment approach.


Centre dentaire Birca is the most convenient dental clinic in Auteuil offering not only the basic services provided by a neighborhood dentist but also a wide range of specialized treatments that your mouth may require. Our team of numerous dentists can address your issues through cosmetic procedures or reconstructive operations.

Overall, we are a diverse dental clinic providing comprehensive dental care for everyone, conveniently located at the heart of Laval Island, easily accessible from all areas, including Auteuil, of course.

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