Dental Clinic in Pont-Viau

Dental Clinic in Pont-Viau

Are you looking for a dentist in Pont-Viau? The best approach is to get a multifaceted dental office that offers you all the services you need under a single roof. It is thus interesting sometimes to go a bit farther than your immediate neighbourhood to find a dental clinic that has it all.

If you are looking for a dental clinic in the Pont-Viau area, you should consider the Centre dentaire Birca. Indeed, our center will be able to offer you both regular and specialized services. Moreover, we distinguish ourselves by using the latest technologies for each of the services offered.

The experienced dentists at our center can prevent and treat problems associated with your teeth, gums, and tongue. For example, we can offer effective solutions if you suffer from gum bleeding, tooth wear, or teeth grinding. We offer several options to replace missing teeth using fixed or removable dentures. We can also improve your dental alignment through orthodontic treatment using SureSmile or Invisalign aligners.

Our Clinic

Dental Clinic in Pont-Viau

If you are looking for a dental clinic near Pont-Viau, you should choose Centre dentaire Birca. We are a family dental clinic that serves both adults and children. In addition to offering regular dental services, we provide a wide range of specialized services such as endodontics (root canal treatment), periodontics (gingivitis, periodontitis), and implantology. It is also possible to make an appointment online to address any urgent issues as quickly as possible.

Our dentists and specialized personnel members are always ready to serve you in our offices located right in the heart of Laval, just steps away from Pont-Viau. Our safe and clean facilities are near the intersection of highways 15 and 440.

Our visitors love the patient-centred approach of all the members of our personnel, and many dozens of them left a positive review on Google, which you can read anytime.

Our Technologies

Dental Clinic in Pont-Viau

We use the latest technologies every day in our dental clinic, in order to provide you with the best services possible. A great example that shows how we partner with technology is our imaging systems. We all know that in order to solve a problem, you need to see it. In case of a buccal issue, you need to see through gums and everything. Only looking through the mouth is not enough. We need X-rays.

Of course, film X-rays have been around for ages. However, at Centre dentaire Birca, we use 100% digital X-rays. That allows us to have the picture much quicker and the picture itself is of much better quality, allowing us to zoom in to look at details—with no need to take additional pictures. Your digital radiographies are also automatically added to your electronic file, so it will not be lost.

Once on the chair, the dentist might need to examine things further from the inside of your mouth. Our intraoral camera will allow you to get real-time imaging of the inside of your mouth, from various angles, including many that are impossible from the outside of your mouth.

Our Cosmetic Services

Dental Clinic in Pont-Viau

In dentistry, when we talk about cosmetic aspects, we do not mean something temporary to improve your beauty, like lipstick. We mean any part of your mouth that is visible from the outside. That includes, of course, your teeth—along with their colour and alignment—but not your cavities. Purely cosmetic items include teeth whitening and veneers. Other specialties are cosmetic when they are visible from the outside.

No two mouths are the same, the same goes for the teeth-whitening treatments. Only a dentist can examine the cause of your loss of whiteness, the condition of your mouth and suggest the most efficient treatment to make your teeth white again. Another approach to whitening and to hide visual defects in a tooth is to use a veneer. There are many types of veneers. Again, our specialists will be able to suggest to you the best approach.

Other specialties can be included in cosmetic treatments if the tooth/teeth concerned are visible from the outside when you smile. The most noticeable of those are braces, which are part of orthodontics (“straightening of teeth”). Other parts of orthodontics concern the bone structure of the jaw. Cosmetic dentistry can also include prosthodontics, which replaces missing teeth using bridges, implants or dentures.

Meanwhile, there are other dentistry specialties that are only rarely considered as part of the cosmetic dentistry: periodontics (anything around the teeth, like gums and bones) and endodontics (what is inside the teeth, like when doing a root canal treatment).

Thanks to our competent and dynamic team, the Centre dentaire Birca is a multi-service center that operates at all these levels by offering general services (for adults), pediatric services (for children), and emergency services. For all these reasons, the Centre dentaire Birca is one of the best dental clinics in Laval.


Many people looking for a dental clinic in Pont-Viau, consider Centre dentaire Birca because it offers all dental services and treatments under one roof. Since it is right in the heart of Laval, it is very close to Pont-Viau. It is not far away to get all the services you, and your mouth, will need. You will always feel welcome, day and night, in our clean and safe facilities.

We are a one-stop shop for all your dental needs, from regular dentistry to a large variety of specialized services. We have just discussed our use of technology as well as one of our flagship specialized services: cosmetic dentistry.

Contact us today to schedule your next appointment and discuss all your dental needs with our friendly team.

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