Dental Clinic in Rosemère

Dental Clinic in Rosemère

If you are looking for a dental clinic in Rosemère, consider Centre dentaire Birca. Yes, it is in Laval, but easily accessible and centrally located on the Laval Island.

We are really different from your neighborhood dentist because we are a dental center that can address your dental needs through our wide range of services offered. Our surgeons are ready to take care of our patients’ complex situations.

We use the latest technologies available, like 100% digital X-rays, to get the right diagnosis quickly and efficiently. And we use other technologies to deliver the perfect ceramic implements for your mouth.

In this article, we will discuss two of the specialized services we do all the time for our patients: periodontics and endodontics.

Our Clinic

Dental Clinic in Rosemère

Our clinic is located in the middle of Laval, near the intersection of highways 15 and 440. You can reach it from Rosemère by taking the road 117, then highway 15. Once you arrive, you will be able to take advantage of our free parking before you enter our clean and safe facilities. Inside, our competent and friendly personnel will take care of you from the reception area to the dentist’s chair.

Centre dentaire Birca is a multidisciplinary dental center, handling everything from routine exams up to complex surgeries. We are a family dental clinic, treating both adults and children, and an emergency dental clinic, something that is hard to find in a dental clinic in Rosemère.

Using the latest technologies, we get the right diagnosis for the first time, and we are able to give you the best treatments.

Our Technologies

Dental Clinic in Rosemère

At Centre dentaire Birca, we fully embrace the latest technologies in our daily practice. For example, we have a radiography system (X-rays) that is 100% digital, providing us with the best quality of images.

But what really makes us stand apart from your local neighbourhood dentist clinic is our use of CEREC, a complete CAD/CAM system to create ceramic implements for your mouth.

Through a specialized software, we create on a computer (CAD—Computer-Aided Design) the model of the veneer, crown, bridge, implant or even denture that will be a perfect match for your mouth. We consider both the look of your natural teeth and the base the implement will rest on.

The piece is then created in 3D by a machine following exactly the design we made, that is the CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) part, which produces a perfect piece that will adjust easily in your mouth, will be comfortable to wear and will look just like your normal teeth.

Some of Our Specialized Services

Dental Clinic in Rosemère

Besides offering all the general dental services, like exams and cavity filling, for our patients, we also offer a wide variety of specialized treatments or services under the same roof. In this article, we will explore two of those to demystify them a little and see what they are used for.

Let us start by something that most of us have heard of, and experienced. The famous root canal treatment is part of the endodontics, which means the inside of the tooth (“endo” is a prefix coming from Greek, meaning “inside”). In the root canal treatment, the dentist empties the canals of a tooth and scrubs them clean before filling them with an inert material that does not transmit pain. Then, the tooth is sealed with a crown to prevent any infiltration. That preserves a tooth that still has a healthy structure.

Another common specialty is periodontics. The name is formed by the “perio” prefix, coming from Greek and meaning “around”. It is thus about anything around the teeth. We immediately think about gums and bones (jaws). That could be related to gingivitis (inflammation/infection of gums) or because of a more serious condition called periodontal disease. In this disease, the gums are retracting, exposing the fragile root of the teeth (which is not covered with enamel). This leads to many cavities and can even impact the bone underneath. In extreme cases, that can lead to the erosion of the bone and the teeth lose their anchorage.

There are also many other specialized treatments that are categorized within cosmetic dentistry. That covers virtually anything from teeth-whitening treatments to alignment issues (orthodontics) or the replacement of lost teeth (prosthodontics), covering things like bridges, implants, etc.

All in all, that covers all the needs of your mouth and makes us a true one-stop shop for all your dental needs.

Last Word

When looking for a dental care center, consider looking for clinics that are easily accessible and offer you more services than your neighborhood dentist, such as Centre dentaire Birca, which, among other things, provides an online appointment booking service.

Since we are easily accessible, many of our patients consider us and choose us. We offer general and specialized services under one roof. Our skilled and friendly staff will do everything to ensure that your visit to our clinic goes as smoothly as possible.

Contact us today to make an appointment and meet our dentists.

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