Dental Clinic in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Dental Clinic in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

If you are looking for a dental clinic in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, you should also consider the complete dental centres that are easily accessible beyond the limits of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. For example, Centre dentaire Birca is less than 15 minutes away by car along highway 440, right in the heart of Laval.

We offer you all the most common services a neighbourhood dental office would offer you, plus the availability to treat your emergency situations. But it is also a highly specialized dental centre able to treat most of all dental conditions. Today, we will discuss two of those specialties: periodontics and endodontics.

All diagnoses and treatments are handled by our experienced dentists and technicians, with your well-being and comfort at the heart of their preoccupations.

Our Clinic

Dental Clinic in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

Our clean and safe facilities are located right in the centre of the island of Laval, near the intersection of highways 15 and 440. That means that our dental centre can easily be reached from any point in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul in less than 15 minutes along highway 440, which means it can be considered as a dental clinic in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.

We are a one-stop shop for all your dental needs. In addition to being a family dental clinic, treating both adults and children, we are also an emergency dental clinic offering you services to relieve your pain quickly.

Our friendly personnel will do all they can to ease your visit to our facilities. Since we offer you all the specialties under the same roof, you will not have to go elsewhere for a specific treatment, and will remain under the care of the same team. That makes us a reliable dental clinic in Laval, proud to serve people from Saint-Vincent-de-Paul.

Our Technologies

Dental Clinic in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul

In order to get the right diagnosis for a condition and be able to properly treat it, we need images of great quality. To get the best images on which to base our decisions and treatments, we rely on the latest imaging technologies.

One of those technologies is a 100% digital radiographies (X-rays) system. This gives us quicker and better images which we can zoom in to examine smaller details, with no need to take additional radiographies. These digital radiographies are then automatically added to your patient file, so they can easily be consulted and cannot be misplaced.

Another state-of-the-art imaging technology we use is an intraoral camera, giving us a unique perspective from inside your mouth, in real time. That way, the dentist can have a very different look than from outside your mouth with mirrors.

Both these technologies used at Centre dentaire Birca aim to provide you with better care than those provided by any other dental clinic.

Our Advanced Services

As we have already mentioned, Centre dentaire Birca provides all the standard dental services (exams, cleaning, fixing cavities, etc.), for adults as well as for children.

But what really makes us stand apart from the regular neighbourhood dental clinic is that we are a specialized treatment centre, doing many advanced treatments and surgeries. Among those, we do a wide range of treatments and surgeries related to cosmetics from teeth-whitening to implants and dentures. Today, we will focus on two other specialties in order to demystify them a bit: periodontics and endodontics.

The general population is more aware of endodontics and its infamous root canal treatment. The name of the specialty comes from the Greek prefix “endo” meaning “inside”. So, endodontics treats everything related to the inside of a tooth. In a root canal treatment, the canals of a tooth are scrubbed and cleansed before being filled with an inert material not transmitting pain. The tooth is then capped with a crown to prevent any infiltration.

Meanwhile, periodontics is all about the teeth. The prefix “perio” comes from Greek as well and means “around”. So, periodontics treats any condition related to the gums. If they are swollen because of an infection or inflammation, we call this gingivitis. If, on the contrary, the gums are retracted and expose the fragile base of the teeth to cavities, we call this a periodontal disease. A gingivitis can lead to a periodontal disease if it is not timely and properly treated. In a severe case of the disease, it can attack the bone structure underneath the gums. Because of that, teeth can lose their anchorage to the bones (jaws).


When looking for a dental clinic in Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, it is certainly worth considering also a multidisciplinary dental centre that is easily accessible. Through highway 440, you can reach Centre dentaire Birca in about 15 minutes.

We offer you an extremely wide variety of services, from everyday exams to reconstructive surgeries. Everything is handled under one roof by our dentists and technicians focused on you. We offer you all kinds of advanced and specialized treatments under one roof and we use the latest technologies, including the ones related to imaging, to offer you the best care possible.

Contact us today to book your next dental appointment with our dentists and see how we can take care of your mouth and improve your life. Our competent personnel will do everything to make sure your visit to our clinic is as comfortable as possible for you.

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