Dental Clinic in Vimont

Dental Clinic in Vimont

Are you looking for a dental clinic near Vimont that is easily accessible? Just minutes away from this neighborhood, you will find Centre dentaire Birca. We offer a comprehensive range of general dentistry services and also provide care for specific issues.

By using the latest technologies, including imaging and 3D creation of oral appliances, we diagnose and treat your oral health problems more effectively. In this article, we will describe some of the technologies we use daily and the multiple services we offer.

Our Clinic

Dental Clinic in Vimont

Similar to Vimont, our dental clinic is located in the heart of Laval Island. Our clean and safe facilities are situated on Saint-Martin Boulevard, just west of Industriel Boulevard. That’s why many clients consider us a dental center in Vimont.

We offer all regular dental services for adults and children, as well as emergency services. With our highly skilled team of dentists, you can receive various types of treatments and surgeries tailored to your needs.

At Centre dentaire Birca, we use the latest technologies to diagnose and efficiently resolve your oral problems. We prioritize a patient-centered approach and ensure that your visit is as pleasant as possible. Over the years, we have served thousands of clients, and several dozen of them have left positive reviews on Google.

Our Technologies

Dental Clinic in Vimont

At Centre dentaire Birca, we employ the latest technologies to treat our patients. We have a fully digital radiography (X-ray) system that provides us with clear and detailed images. When necessary, we can enlarge these images, saving us from taking additional ones.

If you need a veneer, crown, bridge, or even a denture, we use the excellent CEREC system, which is a 3D application that fully leverages CAD/CAM technology to create ceramic elements for your mouth. We design the element on a computer (the CAD part – computer-aided design) to match your existing teeth and jaw. Then, a machine creates this ceramic design in 3D (the CAM part – computer-aided manufacturing). This results in a ready-to-use element in a single appointment, which is uncommon for a dental clinic in Vimont.

Our Services

Dental Clinic in Vimont

Centre dentaire Birca is a family dental clinic. In our general practice, we are happy to serve both children and adults. In our pediatric dentistry service, we prioritize the oral health of our youngest patients. During each intervention, we take the time to explain what we are doing to instill confidence and ensure a positive experience. We also encourage them to develop good habits.

Since toothaches are not limited to office hours, we have a dedicated phone line for emergency cases, allowing you to contact us. During your visit, we will identify the source of the pain and do everything possible to provide relief. If it’s not immediately possible to resolve the cause of the pain, for example, due to swelling, we will continue the treatment to cure you as soon as possible.

Furthermore, several other services covering more specific oral health issues are also available at our clinic. These include periodontics, related to gum and bone diseases, and endodontics, which includes canal treatment, among others. We can also improve the alignment of your teeth using braces or aligners (SureSmile or Invisalign) or replace one or more teeth with different types of fixed or removable prostheses (crowns, bridges, implants, dentures).

Finally, we offer a wide selection of aesthetic dentistry treatments, such as teeth whitening, the addition of veneers, or preprosthetic corrective surgery.

Having all these services under one roof definitely makes us a reliable dental clinic in Laval.

Final Words

If you are looking for a dental clinic in Vimont, come visit Centre dentaire Birca. You will find us easily on Saint-Martin Boulevard. We offer all types of dental services, from regular check-ups to treatments for specific oral health issues. As a one-stop shop, our competent and friendly team can provide you with all the necessary care for your condition, avoiding the need for referrals to another clinic.

We use the latest technologies to offer efficient and fast services. Our patient-oriented approach is highly appreciated by our clients. We welcome you as if you were a parent or a friend.

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