Our History

History of our Dental Clinic

Centre dentaire Birca is situated in the heart of Laval, in the Polyclinique St-Martin building. This building is a well-known centre of medical excellence where many health professionals practice.

Dr Igor Birca is a general dentist who received his first doctorate in Dentistry at the Nicolae Testimitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in 1989. He then worked as a dentist for 14 years before immigrating to Quebec. Devout to his profession, Dr Birca then completed his second doctorate in Dentistry at the Université Laval in 2009. In 2011, Centre dentaire Birca was inaugurated so that he may continue to offer his general dentistry services to the public.


Our Technology

In order to tend to patients’ needs, Centre dentaire Birca has been completely re-equipped with modern dentistry’s newest technologies: the latest generation of German digital radiographs offer imaging with very low radiation exposure, which includes a CBCT (or 3D Scan) – these tools are essential to posing a sure diagnosis. This allows us to plan more complex cases in implantology, periodontics, endodontics, TMD, and also allows us to screen for asymptomatic pathologies.

Our revolutionary laser allows us to achieve incomparable results in periodontics, dental surgery, and endodontics.

Our computer-assisted technology CEREC (CEramic Reconstruction) CAD/CAM is a breath of fresh air to our office. We use it to make indirect restorations such as inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges directly in our office. This is done with the help of a German-made intra-oral camera that we use to make a 3D scan of the patient’s mouth. A 3D model is then made on the computer, which is used by the dentist to design the crown (or other indirect restoration). This design is then transferred to the milling unit, which fabricates the crown according to the dentist’s design in 8-15 minutes. This allows the indirect restoration to be delivered and cemented in the same appointment that the tooth is prepped.

Our patients have the privilege to receive diversified care provided with our state of the art technologies.

Centre dentaire Birca is proud to ensure the good oral health of our patients and to offer them treatments adapted to their needs.


Our Team


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