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Our technology

Our technology

In a time when state of the art technology leaves its mark on our daily lives, dentistry is no exception. Technology in dentistry allows us to provide you with more comfortable, faster, exceptional services – even when it comes to treating simple and classic dental problems.

Our patients often associate Centre dentaire Birca with progress in dental technologies. Our dentists propose avant-garde, efficient solutions when it comes to your dental needs. We are constantly taking continuing education courses in order to access the newest technology in dentistry.

Allow us to help you decide which dental technology is right for you – which can offer you the greatest comfort, rapidity, and advantages for your dental treatments.

Our technology

Digital radiographs

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The latest generation of German installations are compact and discreet. The high precision of their images allows a precise diagnosis to be made. These radiographs are much quicker and efficient than conventional radiographs. The digital sensors allow our patients to undergo less radiation from X-rays.

A high sensitivity sensor with a silver film captures the high-speed signal.

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Our technology 2

At Centre dentaire Birca, we use CEREC CAD/CAM technology to fabricate custom-made crowns and bridges. Treatment may be completed in one simple appointment thanks to this state of the art technology. Forget multiple local anesthesia injections and messy impression materials! Forget temporary crowns and multiple appointments!

An Omnicam intra-oral camera captures the area that needs to be treated. The restoration is then created on a 3D model on our computer and transferred to a machine that mills the crown from a block of ceramic. The choice of ceramic depends on the indications of the crown. E-MAX is one of the most used ceramics in our office. The restoration is then glazed in a special German Programat CS oven. This allows us to give a natural-looking lustrous shade to the crown. Only moments later, the restoration is then delivered and cemented by the dentist.

Our technology

Intra-oral camera

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This very important tool provides us with a highly precise intra-oral image, and allows us to better diagnose intra-oral disease, a hidden fracture, incipient cavities, etc.



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Our non-thermal lasers allow us to kill bacteria, cut tissue without local anesthesia or sutures, to disinfect root canals, and perform other surgical acts.

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Our technology 5

Platelet-rich fibrin is a fibrin membrane concentrated with platelets and immune cells. The human body creates fibrin naturally during scarring. The patient’s blood is drawn and is placed in a centrifuge during the dental surgery procedure, in order to allow us to isolate the PRF. It may increase bone stimulation and formation during bone grafting, because it is autogenous (originating from the patient themselves). Biologic cost is low and it is 100% biocompatible. Advantages of using PRF also include: reduction in post-operative pain, reduction in inflammation, and acceleration of the scarring and bone formation processes. When PRF is added to bone grafts, a more predictable result is achieved.

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