Dental Clinic Laval

Dental Clinic Laval

Whether it is for a dental emergency, a regular follow-up or a dental consultation, when you are looking for a dentist, it is rare that it is for a joyful reason and it is usually for an emergency. It is thus not surprising that one of the most dental-related questions that are googled is “dental clinic near me”. Everyone needs to be able to rely on a dentist close to home or to the workplace.

Centre dentaire Birca is a complete dental clinic offering you the services of first-class dentists in Laval. For over 10 years now, we have been providing dental services to children and adults for regular and specialized dentistry needs. We are conveniently located and easily accessible from anywhere in Laval, North Shore and the northern part of Montréal.

We use the latest technologies to provide you the best dental care you could ever receive.

Our Dental Clinic

Dental Clinic Laval

We can proudly say that we are a multidisciplinary dental clinic in Laval.  One reason for that is that we are basically a one-stop destination for all your dental needs. We offer general dentistry services, as well as specialized services  like root canal treatments, tooth extractions, corrective surgery, and so on. Our extensive expertise under one roof allows us to treat numerous conditions, without the need for external referrals. You will also be in the care of the same team, from your first visit until the end of your treatment.

As a family dental clinic, we are delighted to provide care for both adults and children. Our friendly staff will take great care of your children ensuring that any fears related to the intimidating equipment in our dental clinic are eliminated.

We are conveniently located in the heart of Laval, near the intersection of highways 15 and 440, easily accessible from any part of Laval, as well as North Shore and Montréal.

Our Technologies

Dental Clinic Laval

At Centre dentaire Birca, we believe that technology is our best ally in helping you. It all begins with a state-of-the-art appointment management system that is smart enough to find an appointment at the time that suits you best. Our entire appointment system is paperless because we care about the environment and because we believe it’s much more efficient this way.

Furthermore, we use 100% digital imaging systems. They provide better and faster images than traditional films. With these digital images, we can easily zoom in and explore specific areas in more detail without having to take new X-rays.

We also have the latest intra-oral camera technology to inspect the inside of your mouth, from angles that other dentists can’t directly see. All this technology is at your service to give you better, quicker and more efficient care.

Our Services

Dental Clinic Laval

The Centre dentaire Birca is a dental centre offering you all the services your mouth needs. Of course, we provide routine examination and cleaning services as part of good dental health. During these routine visits, our dentists will provide valuable advice on the best way to maintain a healthy mouth.

Although we have customers of all ages, we take special care of children because we understand how a dental office can be a scary place for them. We are very proud of our pediatric dentistry services, and we take care of your children up to the age of 18. All our staff interacting with children take the time to explain everything we will do to them in simple terms, even using props to demonstrate our actions and answer their questions.

Unfortunately, there are times when you need more than just a simple teeth cleaning. For those painful moments, you can also rely on us. You can contact us when you are in pain because we know how unbearable a toothache can be. We want to help you in such a situation.

As an emergency dental clinic, we will be happy to examine you and treat your pain as quickly as possible. We will start with an assessment of the problem and identify the source of the pain (abscess, infection, a broken tooth or implant, loss of a crown, bridge or bracket, etc.). If possible, we will immediately begin treatment, even if it is temporary. If immediate treatment is not possible, we will focus on relieving the pain and swelling..

We are also available to help you with other oral health issues like periodontics (gums and bone structure) and endodontics (the famous root canal treatment), in a timely manner. Finally, some of our clients come to us for more cosmetic needs, from alignment issues to implants.


Whether you’re looking for a dentist for a routine check-up or specific care, including urgent treatment, you can rely on the friendly dentists at Centre dentaire Birca to provide you with fast, patient-centered service.

We are conveniently located near major highways in the center of Laval Island and offer free parking. Once you step into our clean and secure facilities, you’ll be in the hands of our experienced staff, from the reception area to the dentist’s chair. Contact us today to schedule your next dental appointment.

The latest technologies will be used to diagnose and treat you, offering you the absolute best dental care available.

Contact us today to schedule your next dental appointment. We also have a 24-hour emergency number to call if you need our dental expertise urgently.

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